Retail Business

Retail Business

In their daily livers, consumers often go to purchase items at retail counters, such as in clothing shops, beauty shops and gyms.


Retail managers use membership systems to improve service and consumer loyalty by organised targeted promotions and prizes, thereby improving brand recognition, and carrying out deep analysis of data to great improve the purchasing potential of VIP customers.



When consumers are applying for membership, they have to sign on a paper-based document, and the customer services representative has to file, record and save the data. Paper-based membership files need a lot of time spent on archiving and storage, with large costs involved in their management, transmission and storage.


PendoTech’s retail solution uses PendoTech’s Digit-Note or a tablet computer to obtain the member’s original signature and electronic membership file. It uses PKI technology to create a secure and reliable file management solution in accordance with the “Electronic Signatures Act”. This is not only an important step in managing consumer loyalty, but also reduces the cost of membership applications and of recording, storing and searching them, thereby increasing consumer satisfaction.


With PendoTech’s retail solution, salespeople can simplify the work process and effectively reduce costs. The time saved can be spent on offer more advice and information to customers.


Using PendoTech’s retail solution not only displays retailors’ advantages in modern technology, but also helps to improve their professional image. At the same time, this low-carbon eco-friendly method of working shows the brand’s attitude and responsibility towards society and the environment.