Digital signature solution with traditional paper writing

PendoPDF is a multi-platform SDK includes Windows, Android, iOS and Linux operating systems. Developers can used this SDK to quickly develop PDF-related applications to satisfy the end-user’s need to browse high-quality PDFs on mobile equipment such as mobile telephones, e-readers, personal digital assistants and personal media players. This greatly improves the user’s reading experience.

PendoPDF SDK provides all kinds of plugin development. Interested programmers, developers, government clients and business clients can develop all kinds of plugins in accordance with their needs and to satisfy different uses. They can also use this platform to spread their plugins to a wider audience.

PendoPDF can also provide PDF-related solutions to the end-user, including PendoPDF secure electronic file solutions, PendoPDF smart forms solutions, and other PendoPDF solutions. These solutions can provide overall solutions for any sector, helping them to digitalise. PendoPDF is currently widely used in many sectors, including government, real estate, business, finance, construction, and publishing.

PendoPDF provides a core PDF engine, including a PDF data analysis engine, a PDF rendering engine, a PDF font handling engine and a PDF core API, and provides an open SDK for all types of development platforms, which developers can use for electronic forms, electronic contracts, electronic licenses, official document management, etc. This will allow you high-quality and high-speed browsing and management of PDF files.