Paint Room

Break through the traditional painting and calligraphy materials, master the new era of writing, painting, design and other techniques. Free to modify the edit, at any time to share. Let learning painting be more interesting!

Digital calligraphy and painting technology to provide unprecedented convenience and creativity of teachers and students, breaking through the limitations of traditional painting and calligraphy tools. On paper, if you draw the wrong one, may be disastrous consequences. On the Tablet PC, there will never be a bad work, because the painting and calligraphy software allows the digital graphics for flexible editing and re-editing, but also effectively solve the 45 minutes of classroom creation time is not enough.

Because of the restrictions of the material used, traditional art is difficult to transport, and cannot be copied in large volumes, meaning it often only circulates within a small area. Most traditional works by students, with exception of some outstanding ones which may be exhibited outside of school, are only really enjoyed by the student himself and the teacher, and cannot be widely shown or circulated. Digital works of art, however, can be shared online with people all over the world, irrespective of their quality. This can increase students’ confidence.
Using mobile, long-use tablet computers can break through the restrictions of teaching in a fixed computer room, allowing it to be moved flexibly as needed, just like any other art tool or material. Tablets with magnetic touch sensitivity, for their part, have broken through the restrictions of using a mouse, making art natural and relaxed.

It must be emphasised that digital art is a convenient, effective and economic teaching and creative method. We are not intending to abandon traditional art, but in the new era we must learn skills including calligraphy, drawing and design, and use the convenience, effectiveness, modifiability of digital art to become a good helper for cultural education as a whole. Put simply, we are paying attention to the process of creation and practice.

PaintRoom supports all  Windows  operating systems. It is easy to use, stable and highly compatible.  Basic features:

        Drawing: Supports more than 50 types of drawing tools and effects, including pencil, watercolour, oil painting, brush, airbrush, specialised pen, filters and magic wand.

        Image processing: Powerful darkroom tools including colour adjustment, sharpening or styling add the finishing touch to your work.

        Animation (freeze-frame): Uses digital cameras, webcams, scanners, and internet images to create animations, videos and prints.

        Teaching demonstration: Special record drawing function allows a realistic replay of the creative process.

        Image database: nearly 1000 images that can be added or combined at will, including plants, animals, people, backgrounds, animations and frames.

        Art mini-class: The software includes a mini-class creation functions, allowing the user to create MP4 files, greatly improving the teachers ability to share preparation and plenaries with the students.

        Easy installation: Can be installed on any Windows system without any network protocol support or configuration provided by the operating system (e.g.IIS).

        Easy configuration: Once the dongle is inserted into the server computer, it can be used simultaneously on multiple computers without needing to confirm on every computer.

        Added value: Supports 50 user clients so that schools can add extra computers as needed.

        Idiot-proof: System operation and network maintenance do not need specialist knowledge and can be performed by ordinary teachers.

        The teacher client includes practical functions for networked art classes including class/student management and management/evaluation of work.