Muvizu is an interactive 3D animation package. The software includes everything you will need to tell your animated story and share it with your friends. Drag and drop customizable characters and sets, animation libraries and automatic lip-synching makes it easy to create compelling animations in minutes.

Muvizu is an imaginative creative 3D animation program and is one of the leading K-12 digital art education programs in China. Muvizu comes with a huge range of characters and environments which greatly simplifies the production cycle, allowing teachers and children to create animations quickly. Even people with no background in animation can easily create blockbuster animations. In Muvizu, you can choose according to your imagination your own environments and characters, and add special animations and sounds to create a lifelike character simply by dragging and dropping. Muvizu makes animation unprecedentedly easy and simple.


Ø  Includes a 3D clothing system in which characters can wear different user-defined clothing and accessories. The head and limbs can be freely combined to create different appearances.  

Ø  Character movement can be automatically directed for repeat movements such as walking or fighting.

Ø  The automatic environment generation function can automatically generate environments such as classrooms or train stations. 

Ø  Includes special effects such as fog, explosions, rain and snow. 

Ø  Can be controlled with a games controller.  

Ø  Can be printed with a 3Dprinter

How to use Penimate3D for different subjects

1. Art

In Art, Penimate3D can be used with a 2D drawing software to make students into “environment designers”. They can draw scenes from their imagination to be imported into Penimate3D for use as backgrounds, 

2. IT (Computing)

In IT, teachers can use Penimate3D to teach students how their favourite cartoons are produced. They can help students to be imaginative and creative, letting them produce their own 3D animated blockbusters. Maybe the founder of China’s future Pixar or DreamWorks is among your students.

3. Language classes

How should relatively complex classes like Chinese or English attract students’ attention and arouse their interest and motivation for self-study? Making 3D animated teaching resources in Penimate3D allows students to use a brand-new way to understand their textbooks and makes written language become vivid and lifelike.

4. Moral education and extension classes

Using animations to teach a lifelike and fascinating class allows students to see physically and remember more abstract knowledge. Unlike other video teaching aids, Penimate3D’s interactive teaching aids increase students’ participation and make the classroom environment more interesting.