Minimaker provides a fun and intuitive introduction to character design for 3D printing. Simple drag and drop controls allow you to choose your character’s hairstyle, facial expression, clothing, and attachments. Once you have customised your character strike a pose by manipulating the characters joints with Minimaker’s character pose mode.

MiniMaker is a 3D printing software for children. Children only need to choose their favorite role in the software modeling, with the role of action can print out their own unique model.

MiniMaker features:

1. No modeling required, save a lot of modeling time

2. Preset a set of character movements, and the characters body joints can be adjusted freely

3. Character models at random

4. Free color

5. Real-time preview effect

6. Software can save the set of good role, at any time to take

7. Export obj format model, MTL format material library, UV expansion map