Calligraphy Master

Digital calligraphy with “Qiyi Calligraphy Master”

Background and implications of digital calligraphy

Some issues

1. Traditional calligraphy education is monotonous and students feel bored.

2. Traditional calligraphy education relies on word-of-mouth, making it ineffective, and it lacks a deep integration with digitalised education.

3. Traditional culture places too much emphasis on continuing traditions and is not creative enough.

Towards a solution

  The advantages of modern media should be used to arouse students interest, and to teach and create calligraphy, changing information technology from a stumbling block into a springboard for traditional culture. This should be a hot topic for research in calligraphy teaching.

The solution

1. Arouse students interest in studying calligraphy and their enthusiasm for Chinas traditional culture.

2. Strengthen practice of techniques including the weight of brushstrokes and the structural rules of calligraphy in order to move onto traditional brush calligraphy.

3. Integrate technology to inspire students to think innovatively and encourage them to be more creative.

4. Use these solutions to improve students overall character, allowing them to both cultivate traditional Chinese culture and have a modern outlook.

5. Use the development and implementation of related courses to improve teachers research and development skills, creating a group of hybrid researcher-teachers in order to promote advancement among teachers and schools.

6. Use this solution to improve the current lack of calligraphy teachers.


Qiyi Calligraphy Master


 Qiyi Calligraphy Master is a digital study program for calligraphy holding independent intellectual property rights. The program was developed in accordance with the spirit of the Opinion of the Ministry of Education on Developing Calligraphy Education in Primary and Secondary Schools. Against the background of the Ministry of Education vigorously promoting calligraphy classes, the program uses the latest pressure-sensing technology, combining a digital table, digital screen and electronic whiteboards to create a single solution for digital calligraphy.


Qiyi Calligraphy Master is simple and easy to use, with realistic pen and brush calligraphy and the ability to write freely or copy examples. It supports recording and replay of the writing, and can adjust characters, strokes and layout. It also supports digital paper with user-defined sizes, colors and backgrounds, and includes a large and easily-searchable calligraphy dictionary with stroke order animations for commonly-used characters.


The program can run on Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10 PCs, laptops, tablets, e-readers and Ultrabooks. It complements equipment such as digital screens, graphics tablets and electronic whiteboards perfectly.


The program has a computer room management function with support for 50 student clients.