As medical technology develops and progresses, traditional paper-based patient records can no longer meet hospitals’ requirements.  Since the Ministry of Health issued the “Work Plan for Pilot Electronic Case Histories” in October 2010, many hospitals in China are using electronic case history systems.   Electronic cases histories are an important part of the digitalisation of medicine.  They use digital methods to record , store, manage and transmit medical information about patients, replacing traditional paper-based case histories. They have become an unstoppable trend in medicine,  andare an important method of increasing the efficiency of hospital management and reducing costs.


PendoTech can provide hospitals with handwritten digital signature solutions for determining prescriptions, obtaining patient consent for surgery, and for making rounds.


1. Diagnosis determination:

Traditional paper-based patient records must have a separate copy made for everybody, and many pages are wasted, except those which are used in accordance with the diagnosis. In additional, once the doctor has filled out the case history, it is unable to be shared digitally or accessed systematically.

PendoTech’s electronic signature solution uses a smart writing pad to obtain the doctor’s diagnosis as written in the patient’s case history, without changing the doctor’s usual method of diagnosis.

2. Consent Form for Surgery

 Targeted at patients needing surgery, patients or their family have to sign the “Consent Form for Surgery”. PendoTech’s electronic signature solution allows paperless signatures to give consent, and provides a guarantee of safety, effectiveness and legality.