In order to fully implement the “Notice of the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council on Issuing the Opinions on Further Promoting Open Government and Enhancing Government Services”, and to promote the construction of a service-oriented, responsible and clean government, and to improve the efficiency of government services, government OA collaborative office systems and external gateway service departments are all vigorously promoting the informatisation of electronic government administration. Equally, electronic government administration is playing an important role in driving forward city management and services to achieve new improvements.

Internal government OA collaborative office systems are used in many internal approval processes, including requests for instructions, work reports, work assignments, interdepartmental work communications, official travel applications, purchase requests, expense submissions and requests for leave.

The traditional government administrative method would have been to download from the system and print out each form for management to sign and approve by hand. This wastes not only paper, but also time.

In the same way, many approval processes in public services, including those related to taxes, commerce and administrative services, also waste paper and time.

PendoTech's electronic signature solutions use a smart writing pad, together with electronic signature technology, to obtain electronic data on signatures on traditional paper documents. Service departments can store the electronic version, while citizens and businesses can keep the traditional paper version as a record and for verification.

Without changing the traditional service handling process, PendoTech assists with government departments' internal approval processes and public services, improving the efficiency of business processes and document circulation, reducing the cost of paper usage, and lowering carbon footprints.