Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Paperless customer service in banks, securities and insurance

Financial customer service industries, including banks, securities and insurance, deal with many kinds of business and complex procedures, meaning that customers often have to wait for a long time whilst their business is being dealt with, and business is dealt with inefficiently, leading to low levels of customer satisfaction.
In the present era, the effect of Internet+ on financial sector is relatively large. Financial institutions need urgent improvement on their level of digitalisation, and thereby increase efficiency and competitiveness.
At the same time, financial customer services such as opening accounts, deposits, investments and taking out insurance largely rely on traditional paper-based methods, incurring large costs for printing, transport, handling, verification and storage.


PendoTech’s paperless solution for financial sector uses PendoTech Digit-Note A4 to obtain electronic data on the business handled, whilst still preserving traditional paper-based handling methods. It is the best solution for promoting corporate digitalisation, improving business handling efficiency and reducing corporate running costs.

This solution uses ISO-standard PDF format or the Chinese IIPR OFD-standard format. It still allows for users to prefill paper-based forms and contracts, with the electronic data being synchronised simultaneously for the financial company to manage, verify and analyse. This greatly decreases their operating costs whilst also saving time spent by staff on data entry and printing of traditional paper documents, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. In addition, these electronic data and documents use PKI technology and follow the “Electronic Signatures Act”. The security and reliability of the data are maintained through the usage, transport and storage process.

PendoTech’s paperless customer service solution supports many different equipment including PendoTech’s tablet computer. 

Advantages of PendoTech’s paperless solution:
- Integrates paper-based documents and electronic documents as needed
- Improves the efficiency of both customer-facing and back-office work
- Saves on running costs and the cost of the handling process for paper-based documents
- Saves time spent on data entry and reduces mistakes
- Enhances the security of the business process as well as the reliability and legality of documents
- Saves document storage space and time spent on storing and retrieving documents
- Improves the business’s image in terms of technology and environmental protection